Curtis Snow Plows - Sno-Pro 3000

1. Hide-Away Hydraulics®:
Our hydraulic cavity tucks away our power system. No belts or pulleys under the hood, and no ugly box on the front of your truck. A 1/4" skid plate and gasketted top cover are standard features. This system also allows superior airflow to radiator.
2. Pinless Snap Lock System:
This innovative spring loaded device works in unison with our patent pending hitch system. This system allows the attachment and removal of the plow within seconds.
3. Power Plug/Weather Cap:
All functions, including power, controls, and lights, are integrated into our exclusive power plug harness. This plug mounts to a sturdy metal bracket designed into our plow receiver frame. A special weather cap protects the male end when the plow is not in use
4. Extended Push-Frame:
Clearly the widest on the market, it measures 4-feet end-to-end. This extended width means superior distribution of force through the plow system and not the vehicle’s frame

7'-9' Blades Available

Curtis plows are a one piece, one step process. Major time savings is offered with our exclusive, near automatic Hitch-N-Run System. This is a pinless, spring loaded device that works in unison with a patented hitch system.

Hydraulic Jack Stand:
This patent pending device utilizes the power of hydraulics to position the plow at the exact height required for re-attachment. The jack stand automatically retracts after attachment and has a frame mounted jack switch for manual adjustment.

Hide-Away Mount Kit:
Sleek, clean and professional are words used to describe our remaining receiver frame when the plow is removed. This tucked away mount system was a fundamental goal of our Sno-Pro 3000 design team. We encourage you to compare our system to our competitors to realize the difference yourself.

Click Here to see a video on the Curtis Snow Plow
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