Millennium Line-X is working with the Indiananpolis Children's Museum.
We have sprayed several displays to help protect them for the wear and tear.
Below are pictures of the displays we have sprayed.

The stairs and top landing area are
sprayed in Line-X Xtra. A color match
grey to match the walls of this slide.

LEGO® Castle Adventure

The red stand which this suit of
armor stands is sprayed in Line-X Xtra.

The green stand which holds this
diplay is sprayed.

The blue center storage bin for the legos is sprayed.

Close up of above stand.

The purple on this storage bin is LineX Xtra as well

Inside of the storage

Areas sprayed are blue and purple

Toddler Playscape

Climbing wall sprayed in purple

Train set table is sprayed in
three different blue's

Close up of one end of the table

Water feature is sprayed on the outside
to prevent leaking onto the floor

The top of this water feature is completely
sprayed (white tan and green - all Line-X Xtra)
This feature is sprayed smooth instead of textured

Another look from the opposite direction

All the blue, yellow, red and black colored items are sprayed in this Line-X in this display for the Adventure Display

Up Close of the frame around the games

The adventure display tables, chairs, and frames are sprayed

The playhouse on the 4th floor the ramp
that the kids climb up is sprayed in
black & red for protection and durability.

Big kids playscape

Close up of the ramp

The rotating seat under the fireworks display is sprayed in Line-X for lasting durability.

The base of this display is sprayed.

The tray on the floor is sprayed in Line-X

The base on this display is sprayed

The frame around this display is sprayed.

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